Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline

Faceted Purple Aventurine & Quartz Self Mastery Lotus Goddess Mala a KinoYoga Capsule for Open Heart Warrior

Faceted Purple Aventurine : Awareness | Purpose | Crown Chakra
Clear Quartz marker beads : Master Healer Stone | Energy Amplifier | Crown Chakra
| The Lotus Goddess Component |
Is an original design by Mary Caroline of Open Heart Warrior, created from lost wax ancient jewelry making technique and casted in recycled sterling silver for a special piece that Kino and Mary Caroline collaborated on about a year ago. It was initially a head adornment and now they are proud to introduce it as the New OHW Lotus Goddess Mala Collection with marker beads at every 27th bead which will help assist in meditation specially if you are new to your meditation / japa practice.
The same quality as the original OHW malas, the Lotus component is there to inspire and empower the wearer that no matter what mud you go through, you will bloom through it all an even better and more beautiful being.
For every mala purchase made we will donate 20% of the proceeds to as part of a collaborative effort between Kino Macgregor ( ) & Mary Caroline of Open Heart Warrior to raise $1,000 to help YGB with their efforts to provide finance to educate children and give micro loans to mothers in India to empower a generation of real people with the tools to lift whole families out of generational poverty. We are talking about positively changing as many as 3 lives per your mala purchase. How amazing, inspiring, and empowering is that!
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