Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline


Mary Caroline Cruz is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer. A free spirited yogini, lover of nature, animals, music, arts, culture, & new-age beliefs. Her creative soul continues to grow and evolve with time, life experiences, and self-realization. This is evident in her designs. 

Mary started designing jewelry in 2004 called, MC2 Designs with wire wrapping and beading techniques. It was the same passion for her then but a different world for Mary as she had a store front in Beverly Hills and found inspiration from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood working with multiple stylists, editors, and high-profile clients, earning her recognition as the go-to designer for custom jewelry.
As a result, Mary's work has been featured in publications, including: LUCKY, Seventeen, 944, L.A Direct, GenLux, Glitter (one of Japan's leading fashion magazines) and more. Hollywood starlets such as Vanessa Williams, Paris Hilton, and Hayden Panettiere have been photographed by paparazzi's wearing her jewelry that were printed in tabloid magazines. In addition, Mary was also contracted to custom design pieces for the 2006-'07 music tours of singing divas Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. In 2007, Jessica Alba personally contacted Mary to custom design pieces for her movie Lionsgates' "Good Luck Chuck", marking Mary's debut on the silver screen. Mary also made an impact on the small screen, providing cast members such as Mischa Barton & Rachel Bilson for FOX's hit television show, "The OC" for two seasons. Other shows included CBS's hit show, "The Ghost Whisperer" where Mary supplied jewelry for non other than Jennifer Love Hewitt.

A giver then and now, This grateful & humble designer gave back to the community when possible & has donated proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation, What A Pair for Breast Cancer and other non-profit organizations.
In 2008 Mary started losing her wholesale accounts as each one of the 30 stores she was in nationwide started to go out of business because of the economy. This resulted in Mary closing her store and her showrooms in NY & then L.A. At 27 years young, Mary thought her career as a jewelry designer was over. But the Universe always found ways to bring her love for jewelry design and connecting with people to the front of her mind. An example of this is when Mary got a call from out of the blue in 2009 and was invited to custom design a collection of jewelry for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


Mary then found herself working many hats in the fashion/retail industry from buying to management and events. In her journey she also experienced some personal struggles and yearned to heal from this which led her to the world of Angels, Deities, Crystal Magic, Reiki and Yoga-- Mary's new sources of inspiration! This also led to Mary working as a retail manager for YogaWorks, El Segundo surrounding herself with like-minded individuals, dreamers and doers that inspired her. And the fire she had for creating was rekindled.