Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline

16" Recycled 14k or Sterling Silver Mini Feathered Necklace

*Available in Recycled 14k Rose Gold + Sterling Silver  + Gold Vermeil
--see options before ordering
*Available with or without diamonds --see options before ordering
16" In Length (ideal for yogis and active on the go lifestyle)
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3x Genuine 1.2mm Diamond 
Cut: Round Brilliant
Clarity: VS1
Color: G 

Also the perfect everyday signature necklace for the minimalist and ideal for layering. The necklace you will never have to or want to take off.
A reminder to stay wild keep the the spirit free.
| Diamond History and Lore |

The worlds love of Diamonds began in India and ever since then it has been considered as beautiful objects of desire in history. Roman naturalist Pliny stated in the first century AD, “Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.”

For centuries diamonds have been a symbol of love, excellence and purity. Because of its unmatched hardness and clarity, it also symbolizes power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty.

Not only were they rare and beautiful, they could not be cut and they were impervious to fire. It was said that the Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods. Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars. In Tibetan Buddhism, diamonds are an important symbol and the Diamond Sutra. In modern times, the diamond symbolizes eternity and love.
These pieces are usually in stock. But in an event where it is out of stock it will be made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production.
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