Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline

Gold Journey Arrow Ladder 36" Long Necklace

Inspired by the journey(s) that we all take in life.
We are all on a journey that will take time to unfold. It will consist of multiple paths. If you notice not all the arrows are pointing in one direction as life will tug at as in multiple directions or show us to go one way and then the other. It's okay though. That is the beauty of living life and learning from all of your experiences. The tugs you get in your gut, trust them. In the end all will be well and will make sense. This is your journey.
May this piece remind you that it is not about the destination but the journey. So follow your arrows as they will all make sense in the end and come together as you take 1 step at a time. 
ABOUT THE COLLECTION: "I Rise" Collection is created with all original jewelry components that designer Mary Caroline has made by hand with the LostWax art form of creating jewelry and casting. All castings are made with recycled sterling silver and recycled 14k gold for an eco-friendly product. Everything is hand done with love in creating every piece of jewelry. From dripping wax, to carving, casting, cleaning of casting, the finish of casting, stone setting, etc. involved in Los Angeles till the end-result of the finished artisan piece of jewelry with intention that you see.
STOCK: These pieces are usually in stock. But in an event where it is out of stock it will be made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production.
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