Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline

  • NEW! Sustainable Meditation Cushion Floor Seat

NEW! Sustainable Meditation Cushion Floor Seat

In partnership with west elm, a leading upscale home furnishings retailer in efforts to help eliminate textile waste.

98% Sustainable

Luxurious + Durable Up-cycled Upholstery Textiles

Recycled Denim Jean Pocket Inserts

Filled with Extra Organic Lavender sourced from France

Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services

USDA Organic, Certified Organic by QAI

Filled with Organic Whole Buckwheat Hulls

Locally sourced, grown, and processed to high specifications by farms of highest standards. All hulls are 100% organically grown in USA, air washed and cleaned. 97% whole hulls to insure no dust, are chemical free and hypoallergenic.


The Buckwheat hulls conforms to the shape of your body. Helping align your spine, alleviate back pain, and aid in your posture. You're left in a comfortable seated position providing a more grounded + peaceful experience to just breath in meditation or when you're simply sitting on the floor.


The Lavender is so potent that you can smell it through the textiles. It's calming scent will set the tone for your relaxing practice as your sense of smell is activated.


*Meditation Cushion; the key to meditation is comfort. When you're not worrying about your posture or are uncomfortable, the practice immediately comes naturally. You'll notice your mind isn't preoccupied with your posture or pain and are able to just breathe. Perfect for beginners. While seasoned meditators are saying, their OHW cushions are helping deepen their practice.

*Floor Seat; Everyone gathers on the floor socially, for work, workshops, etc. involved. These cushions provide comfort and stylish seating for you and your guests. Also ideal floor seat for work on your coffee table or as a laptop riser in your lap.

*Design; These beautiful + luxurious + stylish west elm textiles make’s it easy to use for decorative purposes.

Washable Cushion Covers

Open Heart Warrior Founder, Mary Caroline spearheaded this project with west elm and have saved over 2,000 pounds of textiles in a short period of time by saving their old upholstery swatches and other textiles. Since November 2018 the collaborative efforts of west elm's Southern California store locations have made these efforts possible. Mary has also partnered with one of Los Angeles largest local denim jean manufacturer to create the cushion's insert with recycled denim jean pockets. And is the sole designer of Open Heart Warrior's NEW Sustainable Collection.

$ 298.00